Selecting the Right Breed of Chicken

Selecting a chicken breed is much like choosing a dog — it’s very important to pick a breed that fits your lifestyle and is suited to the local weather conditions.  The ideal backyard chicken is good at laying eggs, is quiet, docile and comfortable living in confinement,  and can forage and scratch in the backyard.


Some  A Texas Henhouse’s favorite hens are listed below.  Each breed was selected for their gentle temperament and ability to tolerate confinement.  Most importantly, all are egg-sellent layers as well!


Ameraucana: Tolerating both hot and cold climates,  the Ameraucana hens lay beautiful large blue tinted eggs.   These birds know how to forage in a backyard!




Australorp:   Australorp hens are known for their high-quality egg production, yielding about 250 large brown eggs per year.  You’ll find that this breed can tolerate both hot and cold climates




Leghorn:   These hardy birds can tolerate both hot and cold climates, lay large white eggs, but can be somewhat noisier than other breeds.




Orpingtons:   Orpingtons are friendly, gentle birds, so don’t be surprised if you start to treat your Orpington as a pet!  These accomplished birds are good at foraging and — most importantly — laying large brown eggs.  Although they prefer colder climates, many backyard farmers in warm climates keep this breed as well.




Production Red:   Curious and active, Production Reds are excellent layers of large brown eggs.  This easy-care breed  does well in cooler climates.

Production Red




Plymouth Rock:  Another productive layer of large brown eggs, the Plymouth Rock hen is undoubtedly the classic American chicken. Their easy-going nature allows them to thrive in backyard settings.  Although these attractive birds prefer cold climates, you’ll find them happily foraging in warm and hot climates as well.

Plymouth Rock